[Dreadmorne] // RoD Soulscythe

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Channels 0 and 9002

dscy - Draws scythe

sscy - Slings scythe

r - Recharges soul energy. You always get 5 charges and each soul strike consumes 1 charge.

demonshot - [Default] Ranged attack will summon a portal that will spawn souls of the dead to attack avatars that cross over it. 1s Cooldown. Meteors and fragments deal LBA damage.

demonstorm - A top-down summoning attack that rains meteors down on to the target area. They'll explode into smaller chucks which will then also detonate. 3s Cooldown. The initial summoning will deal LBA damage.

demonwave - Casts Demon Wave. A slow-moving swarm of soul energy that will kill anyone who gets too close to it. The wave will deal LBA damage to all objects hit down its path.


[LMB] - If there is a target in melee range, this will kill them and add 1 soul charge. You can use this to increase your charge count beyond the normal limit.

If there is no one in melee range, you will perform your soul strike.



  • three attacks
  • custom mesh
  • for LLCS and TDCL systems

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