Goth Stellar base

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The Goth Stellar Base is a space archeologic mission on the asteroid 2143-BH-GOTH, remains of the old Earth, where has been discovered some ruins of a gothic chapel.
This environment is ideal to celebrate a marriage into space. The main room is spacious, perfect for a ceremony

Use the orbiter to go with your friends at the most peaceful zone of Second Life®. This orbiter of 1 to 8 passengers capacity, will reach your targeted altitude (between 800m to 4000 m) and will rez the Goth Stellar Base for you and your guests. (You can teleport of course more people once deployed.)

The Goth Stellar Base offers a choice of 9 high-resolution orbital environments (Muvia, Santris-II, Orion M42, Hytherion, Cyana, Tethys, Genesis-1, Kralos, Star), and an asteroid field effect, including 2 main companions and an artificial satellite.

It's also possible to experience the space-walk with a MMU unit, included for every guests. And to return to the ground by using a detachable Lander shuttle (up to 3 passengers), automatically replaced once one is gone.

Command for the MMU space-walk and for the LANDER:
Left Arrow => Turn Left
Right Arrow => Turn Right
Up Arrow => Forward
Down Arrow => Backward
PageUp => Up
PageDown => Down

No persistent installations.
- The launcher deletes it-self after has rezzed the station.
- The station is programmed to delete it-self after 2 minutes if nobody is present around.

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  • 9 High resolution orbital environments. Dynamic asteroid field effect.
  • Ruins of a gothic chapel, the asteroid is a remains of the old Earth.
  • Living area with dance floor, couches or bed 27 poses.
  • Detachable lander (3 passengers).
  • Space-walk MMU unit dispensor.

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