KDC Isolation Headphones

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These headphones look like regular music equipment but nothing could be further from the truth, using a Restrained Love compatible viewer, they will effectively mute any local chat and Instant messages on the touch of a button, rendering your avatar "deaf", both functions can be toggled by the peoples around you (but not yourself), however, do not count on a kind soul to toggle your hearing back on, as the builtin timer will ensure that after 30 seconds, you will be back in a world of silence.

This product is great as part of a sensory deprivation setup or to have a private discussion about your sub without having to switch to IM, and the toggle buttons will allow you to be heard by your sub whenever you chose.

It can also be worn purely decoratively around the neck, and the included customisation HUD gives you infinite coloring possibilities to get those headphones to match perfectly your favourite outfit.

Touchbound products allow for easy use of restraining animations,leashing, unleashing, tethering and even attaching subs to one to another, all this without fiddling with annoying menus or having to remember pesky commands.

This object comes with the RLV Activator which allows you to silently enable and disable RLV capabilities in all your TouchBound items from a single object. Also, all TouchBound products are LockMeister compatible.

It also comes with a fingerprint enabled padlock that allow you to, quickly and easily lock and unlock your touchbound objects without risks of losing the key.

What more? this item is automatically updated, you will receive the updated versions as soon as they are released.

We highly suggest that you check out the related products as the touchbound items are essentially designed to work with eachothers.

Full documentation is available at the following url: http://kdc.ethernia.net/docs/doku.php?id=touchbound_system:start

NOTE: this product uses a delivery box system and can be bought as a gift and distributed freely (nocopy/transfer), it only becomes no copy/notransfer when the gift box is unpacked.

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  • TouchBound locking
  • Chat and IM blocking
  • Visual feedback
  • Customisation HUD
  • Restrained love viewer compatible

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very nice

Publicado March 15, 2018 por Bunny Hastings 4 estrellas

takes a bit of getting used to what the buttons do, but can be a lot of fun to add an extra layer of helplessness to your sub

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About as intuitive as operating a computer with an OS in Double-Dutch.

Publicado January 02, 2013 por SosiaalinenKokeilu 2 estrellas

These look good, they have some nice features, in that, you only need one attachment, but can adjust it in both positions it uses and it just...remembers. Sadly the touchbound system is just a confusing mess. Mistress and I could NOT figure out how she can padlock the things to me, and the user manual page, was not exactly clear on this. Sure someone clicks the padlock to 'encode their fingerprint' but what then?... Does she wear it as a HUD, give the padlock back for me to wear..

Also, in a world where RLV is already heavily scripted, why then is a separate, unremovable attachment needed to provide RLV functionality. Why must one cheat out of RLV to remove the stupid thing when none of it's related items are worn?...

I'm prepared to re-write this review, if someone can explain this 'intuitive' system, but right now I feel like I just wasted 300 Lindens, and will be avoiding 'touchbound' systems in future.

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