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All our tip jars (over 60 different ones in total in every style you can imagine) are made with the best sculpties, textures and low lag scripts you can find.

Khargo has been building all sorts of different tip jars since 2007 and is a well known brand amongst artists, hosts, venues, dj's and other people who use tip jars
Our tip jars are probably the most advanced and most original you can find on in SL and are really easy to configure through a simple notecard.

All the following options can be turned off or on, so you can have a very advanced tip jar with all these options active or a very simple tip jar with no floating text at all, no particle, no sound and no gift,...

This tip jar comes with all possible options you can think of, being:

- floating text above the tip jar with the owners name: on/off.

- floating text with name is adjustable.

- floating text above the tip jar with the highest tip: on/off.

- floating text above the tip jar to show who tipped last and how much: on/off.

- floating text above the tip jar with the total amount of tips since it was rezzed: on/off.

- change the color of the floating text above the tip jar to pretty much any color you want.

- say the name of the person who tips and thank them in open chat.

- change the text of how someone is thanked in open chat.

- play a sound when someone tips: on/off.

- replace the sound with your own sound.

- poof a particle when tipped: on/off.

- replace the particle with your own particle.

- give a free radar HUD to everyone who tips: on/off

- replace the gift with your own.

- change fast pay prices to any amount you want.

- split tips with as many people as you want and assign them a different percentage.

- send a message to the owner of the tip jar on a private channel telling him who tipped and how much .

Please note: These tip jars do not support logging in by other people. A log in version of this tip jar is also available on the SL Marketplace and at our in world store.

We also offer custom build tip jars, tip boards or venue boards in any shape you can imagine. You dream it, we build it.
Prices depend on the time invested in it and if it will be built exclusive for 1 person or not.
However if you come up with a good idea for a tip jar, which we might consider to sell in the vendor afterwards, we'll only charge a normal price instead of a custombuild price.

For further questions please contact Keanu Kharg or Selkie Flatley.

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  • We currently have over 60 different tip jars in our range to suit all styles
  • Floating text for changeable name, last tipper, highest tipper and total given
  • Colorchange floating text, split % tips, give gift, play sound/particle on tip
  • Options can be activated or deactivated through an easily configured notecard
  • We also provide custom build tip jars and multi tip boards for people or venues

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Tipjar to big and dollar bills unrealistic

Publicado September 13, 2018 por Fuuchouin 3 estrellas

on my end the jar is way to big even when modified its still to big and plus the dollars bills aint supposed to be that big realistically

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awesome tip jar!

Publicado January 03, 2015 por twinklelicious 5 estrellas

I was confused about the notecard settings but Mr Keanu helped me and he was very nice!! awesome tip jar and awesome customer service A+!!!!!!!!!

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