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▶ Kool Door BUILDER is for creators wishing to sell their builds. You will build your doors fast, working immediately the way you want. And you will offer to your final users the option to upgrade easily to Kool Advanced RP Doors. Only one script to drop in your doors to have all the possible movements with no possible configuration errors.
(Note: If you need doors only for yourself and don't intend to resell your items, get instead the Advanced RP doors, see Related items at bottom - Builder doors don't work directly with the RP Server)

- Easy and intuitive configuration by menu (for builder only), no cryptic notecard. You see immediately how the door moves.
- Door rotates (side or middle axis), slides, or moves like a curtain. The prim needs NOT to be cut (an Uncut script is include). Works also in sculptie, mesh.
- Door can be linked or not to other prims, movement is always the same.
- Double doors opening, each door can be an independant object made of linked prims.
- Auto-close (after selected time, or auto: once avatar left range).
- Auto-open on collision, no need to click the door to open it (optional).
- Opening speed is selectable from 1 (fast) to 5 (slow).
- 8 sounds included, or your custom sounds.
- Access for: owner, group, everyone. Plus names from notecard. (end user can change this by menu).
- Optional sculpted lever to control the door.
- Settings are kept even after scripts reset, or prim is copied. Doors will keep their positions when the build is rezzed again, even if some doors were opened while packaging the build.
- Optional API fullperm scripts included (llMessageLinked). Action the door with your own scripts, or generate your own messages when door is actioned. Sample with LEVER included.
- This door offers a subset of the Advanced version but final user can optionaly upgrade to Advanced version for RolePlay options, Server, configuration menu, etc.
- You can of course drop the script in your own created prims (normal, sculpted, mesh).
- Free support & auto-updates.

IM Kool Mekanic to receive a free demo !

▶ What your customers will get:

- Your final user will get a perfectly working door on which he can select by menu the ACCESS (owner, group, everyone, notecard for list of names) and AUTO CLOSE time (other menu options require he gets himslef the Advanced version).
- Optionally, if he needs for RolePlay sims, final user can upgrade to ADVANCED version if the build has modify permission for him. He will have then the RP options (Lockpick...), optional Server connection, textures selector, and the full configuration menu. Your configuration will be used by Advanced version. Upgrade is done easily with an auto-updater that will replace scripts in all his doors at once. Note: final user needs to get only ONCE the Advanced doors, then he can upgrade all his builds, even those from other creators using also this Builder version.
- Note: if you get yourself the Advanced version, it will not auto-update your own Builder doors. This is a safety restriction in order your builds don't become no transfer. You can however update manually some doors by replacing the scripts throught the viewer build editor.

By using these Kool Basic BUILDER scripts, you accept the following License Agreement with Kool Mekanic:

- You cannot transfer the scripts to anyone before having set NO TRANSFER permission for NEXT OWNER on script K1000-DOOR BUILDER.
- You can use the scripts only in builds you sell at a reasonable market price (freebies forbidden).
- You cannot distribute the scripts in a simple door or moving prim. The door must be part of a bigger build like a house, fort, cage, drawbridge, etc.
- You understand that only the movement script is transferable. The builder configuration HUD is never transferable.
- We recommend you display in your product information "Kool Door ready" or use the included logo in your product image, so final user knows he can upgrade to Advanced RP version (if your product has modify permission).
- Note that there are no transferable versions of the Advanced RP scripts or Server as they are already copyable.
- No textures included.

BUY IN WORLD or GET REDELIVER at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gimli/155/203/31

Ver el artículo en Second Life ®



  • Transferable door for professional builders
  • Rotate (swing), slide, curtain
  • Easy config by intuitive menu for builder
  • API llMessageLinked fullperm script include
  • Works in mesh, sculpt, uncut prim

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So worth the money

Publicado November 07, 2017 por kholbi 5 estrellas

This is so easy to use. The config menu is self explanatory, which I love. Great work Kool Mekanic.

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perfect and easy

Publicado July 30, 2017 por Fabrizio Gigamon 5 estrellas

perfect and easy

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