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Hello, thank you for your interest in this cage


The box o' bones is a cage made with the bones of some really big animal, maybe a whale?

It is kool door ready, the door is actioned by lever and the prisoner cannot reach the lever so cannot be opened from inside.

Land impact is 12 but have in mind if you resize, it changes!

thanks for the attention
Pucca Firecaster

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I LOVE this!!!
full star full star full star full star full star Publicado April 15, 2016 por Elie Back

I absolutely adore this! Odd thing to say about a bone cage I'm sure but I do! I saw it on a blog video (too cool by the way!) about a panther camp and fell in love with it.. it is now our doggie home :D When he gets hungry all he has to do is turn his head and gnaw! :) Thanks for making this!

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full star full star full star full star full star Publicado December 09, 2015 por Neelah Xue

The things I didnt like was how easily the rope menu can break or be altered just by using it. Sometimes SL lags and things you are holding mouse click on an object, this is a terrible script for that, seeing as you cant just cancel out of it unless you wantto break its functions.

I still highly recommend this, as I use this with my pet and it does what a cage is supposed to do> Open and close. No bull or extra crap.

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