SHOUTcast server 100 listeners ONE MONTH 30 days US

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SHOUTcast audio streaming server
* 100 listeners
* 30 days ONE MONTH <- Give us a visit, please.

* 192kbit/s quality-streaming
* instant activation
* no risk: money back guaranty
* backup server included: 99.7% uptime + 99.7% uptime reliability
Here you get access to two servers so you can switch in case of emergency! Same port and password here.
* also available: 10, 25, 40, 50 or 100 slots (teleport in front of the next available server in your size:

You can use your password to login as 'admin', too.

FAQ, links, how-to and screenshots:

IM Zuhan Tomcat


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  • 100 listeners
  • up to 192 kbit/s
  • 30 days
  • backup server included: 99.7% uptime + 99.7% uptime reliability
  • fully automated booking system

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Guter Support

Publicado April 25, 2017 por IXDrifterXI 5 estrellas

Zuhan einfach anschreiben in sl und er meldet sich dann. Stream läuft gut durch gibt selten mal Probleme mit aussetzer

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For the price you pay

Publicado May 23, 2012 por Nephilim Jinx 3 estrellas

After finally getting a reply from zuhan, i can feel i give a non biased review. it took a little over half a week to get a reply to my service request. so support wise this loses 1 star, the stream itself was 99% reliable, was always up, and in the event it wasn't the backup was. but i felt it was limited to their connection because i could never be able to stream at 196k (im one thats always been able too at 320k) so for link speed it loses another star. The service itself was as expected, 100 listeners and decent uptime, for that it gets 2 stars, the 3rd star comes from the availability of the backup server and the ability to control the starting and stopping of the server. i found it useful in the event the server got stuck with someone on it. all in all i was content with the service, but at 2200L$ monthly i feel it could have been slightly better, still worth the try if you want to try the promotion 1st month price :)

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