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Do you need to distribute items to your customers, attract and retain more customers, and market to them easily? The Kiosk.Net system will do the job, and a lot more.

The Kiosk.Net system is a revolutionary all-in-one item distribution, advertising, subscriber messaging, and donation kiosk system. It is an extremely powerful and reliable system to distribute and advertise your products. The heart of the system is a powerful networked and web-integrated kiosk network that can be used to give out any kind of object - magazines, club schedules, notecards, freebies, anything at all. In addition you have lots of options on displaying textures on your kiosks to advertise your products and services.

Included is a powerful subscriber messaging system. You can easily import and export your subscriber list (and not get charged $L8,000 like a certain competitor does!) and there are NO monthly fees or any size limits, ever.

It is ideal as a magazine kiosk system and maintaining a list of subscribers that you can automatically send your next issue out to with just a few clicks.

Kiosk.Net is great for networked advertising displays, giving you a ton of flexibility to display multiple ads and even give out different items depending on which texture is clicked.

If you're a hunt organizer, this is a great way to advertise your hunt, especially with the Hunt Item Giver addon (see related products below).

The system is highly configurable and offers a ton of features in one integrated package to help you design quality kiosks to reach a wide audience, such as the integrated subscriber system that allows people to subscribe to your subscriber list, with all the usual IM and object sending features you'd expect and then some, with NO monthly fees and NO subscriber limits!

Kiosk.Net is fully web integrated. Data about each Kiosk network is stored internally on a robust, reliable database, allowing you to quickly get valuable data and reports about all of their kiosks across the grid. You can easily manage your kiosk networks right from your own personal kiosk network administrator dashboard. The system does not depend on severely limited and slow in-world "databases" but on a real database system that is always up-to-date, accurate, and available from any web browser, any time.

Kiosk.Net owners also have data available to them on which of their kiosks is getting the most clicks per month, week, or day, available on the website, in simple bar chart format. This will help you see which of your locations are the most valuable in terms of reaching your customers.

All administration is done via your own private web page called your Dashboard, which you can access at any time by clicking the Dashboard menu item on your server.

For screenshots of the web pages and kiosks, please see for more info.

Other Features:
* 25 FULL PERM kiosks you can use for your own kiosks or modify any way you like
* Kiosks can be configured to run in 7 different modes to give you more choices on how the kiosks work and what they do
* Shared Media fully supported
* Group Subscriber/Messenger included - NO monthly fees, NO subscriber limits!
* Unlimited Kiosks
* Impossible to destroy your network
* Auto Fail-Over Multiple Server Redundancy
* Administer all kiosks online
* See charts of your kiosk data online
* Up to 63 display prims per kiosk
* Networks are transferable to new owner
* "Copy + Rez" Easy Server Backup/Restore
* All Data Safe from Script Reset Loss
* 8 Sample Networks Provided
* Kiosk Donation Payment Mode
* Kiosk Location Tour HUD included
* Kiosk Ring Addon for making Rings
* Kiosk Network Monitoring Tool included
* Kiosk Distribution Tool included
* Manage Subscriber IM History Online
* Subscriber Resends
* Subscriber HUD
* Subscriber Auto-Repeat Send
* Subscriber Send at Set Day/Time
* 8x Subscriber Send Speed
* Full Updated Documentation Online
* List Your Kiosks On Your Own Website
* NEW! Integration with SmartBots for a better way to give group join requests! See

For more details, see

Permissions Note: The Server component of the system is NOT transferrable, but copyable so you can run as many kiosk networks as you like. The kiosks are full-perm so you can modify and distribute them however you like.

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Just perfect

Publicado April 02, 2021 por Holger Gilruth 5 estrellas

Its just perfect, everytime i think about i could need something for whatever i come back and see its possible with this system. Amazing since years

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INCREDIBLE product and customer support!

Publicado November 21, 2015 por DaybreakSL 5 estrellas

The mind-boggling power and potential of this system are already well known. However, with the very latest beta version, Sasun has made it as user-friendly as you can get. And the cherry on top is the customer support which words cannot even describe. She spent a very long time helping me get my system set up in a custom kiosk, and I don't mean grudgingly answering my questions. She seemed to genuinely want to help me "get it right" - and for MY needs. She even went above and beyond, giving me tips I hadn't even known to ask for. I can't recommend this system enough. It will seriously take your business to the next ten levels.

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