Super-Randomizer Orb / Spooky Set #1, Screams & Moans (70 Sounds)

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This is a scripted random sound emitter that is prepackaged with many sound clips. Super-Randomizer Orbs give greater ability to create unique and ever changing soundscapes for your lands and projects.

* Random sound selection.
* Random time intervals.
* NEW!!! Random locations with the Roaming Sounds feature!

Super-Randomizer Orb Features

* Menu driven controls - No annoying chat commands to remember.
* Customizable - Add, change, or remove sounds to customize your soundscape.
* Forever/Day/Night Selectable Playback
* Roaming Sounds - Sounds can now move all around you!
* 3D Sound - Restrict audio to specific areas without sub-dividing your land!
* Volume - Raise or lower the volume at any time.
* Random Volume - Changes volume level every time sounds play.
* Interval Range - Change the random interval timing for more or less frequent playback.
* In-Prim Setup - Save prims by moving the script and sounds into your own objects.
* Quality audio encoding for loud and clear playback.
* Professional coding for reliability and optimum sim performance. Now running Mono.

Sound clips are MOD/COPY. You can copy them into as many of your available randomizer orbs as needed.

Track List
breathing 01a
breathing 01b
breathing 01c
breathing 01d
breathing 01e
breathing 01f
breathing 01g
breathing 02
breathing 03
breaths 01
breaths 02
breaths 03
breaths 04
breaths 05
breaths 06
breaths 07
breaths 08
breaths 09
breaths 10
breaths 11
breaths 12
breaths 13
breaths 14
breaths 15
breaths 16
breaths 17
breaths 18
breaths 19
breaths 20
breaths 21
breaths 22
breaths 23
breaths 24
breaths 25
breaths 26
breaths 27
breaths 28
breaths 29
falling man 01
female scream 01 - echoed
female scream 01 - normal
female scream 01 - reversed
female scream 01 - slowed 2
female scream 01 - slowed
ghost girl 01
ghost girl 02
ghostly breath 01
ghostly breath 02
ghostly groan 01
ghostly groan 01r
ghostly groan 02
ghostly groan 02r
ghostly groan 03
ghostly groan 04
ghostly moan 01
ghostly moan 02
ghostly moan 03
ghostly moan 04
ghostly moan 05
ghostly moan 06
ghostly moan 07
ghostly moan 08
ghostly moan 09
man scream 01a
man scream 01b
man scream 02a
man scream 02b
moans 01
moans 02
moans 03

About Us

Acoustic Alchemy provides the largest selection of quality scripted sound solutions to enhance your SL experience. Many different playback styles and themes to choose from!

* Scripted Sounds - Looping, Random, Roaming, and Sim Wide SpeakerNets
* Full Permission Sounds - Single and Bulk Packages
* Nature - Birds, Animals, Frogs, Forests, and Jungles
* Aquatic - Harbors, Waves, Waterfalls, and Dripping Caverns
* Elements - Rain, Thunder, Wind, and Fire
* Crowds - Clubs, Bars, Parties, and Malls
* Locations - Airports, Train Stations, and Events
* Industrial - Machinery, Electronics, and Traffic
* Themed Atmospheres - Sci-Fi, Dark Gothic, Steampunk, Asia, Western, Wind Chimes, Religious, and Holidays

Listen to in-world sound previews at the main Acoustic Alchemy Sound Gallery.

Never settle for tiny generic 10 second loops or featureless sound products!

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Publicado October 09, 2010 por Relm Foxdale 5 estrellas

This is what I needed...sounds but not sounds that are going to drive you insane by repeating over and over, LOL.

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