Sword of The Fallen

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Thanks for your interest in the Stan-Designed Sword of the Fallen. This devilishly evil sword will strike fear into the heart of any adversary as it actually looks around the room for it's next victim. The weapon is designed to be compatible with a multitude of combat systems including DCS2, Spell Fire (7 Damage) , WARPS, Osiris, Linden Damage (25 Damage), GM "Sword damage" and pretty much any other velocity based system .

To use the weapon simply wear the three objects in the box and click on the hud, or the weapon itself optionally to draw and sheath. To attack click and hold your left mouse button and use the arrow keys to attack.


Designed and built by Stanton Sinister. If you are in need of sculpted prims for various jobs please drop me a note card with info in game.

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© Stan-Designed 2009 All rights reserved.



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