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Welcome to Tiny Empires 3000, the futuristic sequel to Tiny Empires.

Tiny Empires 3000 is a massively multiplayer game that you play entirely in the HUD window in Second Life. The game is set far in the future, when the human race has spread across most of the galaxy. A devastating galactic war has ended, and the corrupt empire of old has been overthrown by a freedom-seeking rebellion force. The economy, badly damaged during the war, is starting to recover. Goods are being traded again among the various star systems. You start out as a trader with a single transport spaceship, earning a modest living by delivering goods to outlying colonies and trade outposts.

The goal of the game is simple: Grow your trade empire by purchasing ships, joining a guild, gaining subordinates, and cultivating colonists. If you are ambitious enough, you may even branch out and become the leader of a new guild.

To play the game, you simply attach the Tiny Empires 3000 object to your "HUD Top" attachment point. The game is contained entirely in the HUD. You don't need to go anywhere specific to play (as long as the parcel allows scripts to run).

Please note:
Tiny Empires 3000 is a new game, similar to Tiny Empires, but completely separate. If you are a Tiny Empires player, nothing you do in Tiny Empires 3000 will affect your standings in Tiny Empires (and vice versa).



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Don't bother

Publicado January 06, 2023 por AnaDuarte Xue 1 estrella

Just go around the Blake Sea and see the dozens of bots there daily from people gaming this thing.
You can report them to Ultralite Soleil but he doesn't care, because the more "people" are in it, the more active it will seem...

And so the lowest common denominator in this "game" is having an army of alts that you make and maintain solemnly to prop up your main avatar, you need them logged in day and night and you check on them every so often to make sure it all stills works, day after day after day...

All for what you might ask? Well let me tell you... NOTHING, no one cares about this other than the VERY few people in it since most users are just bots, the quintessential "I'm kind of a big deal" meme.

Here wishing this thing disappears to clear away the Blake Sea and other protected waterways for this plague.

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