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Rez Travis, if you have an animesh enabled viewer, you will see him moving around.

The official Second Life viewer supports animesh, you can download it here :

Replace the animations inside with any human animation you own.
If you do so, it will be best to edit the script and change the timerevent at line 43, it is currently set at 3 seconds, which will probably not be long enough to play your animations.

While you are inspecting the content of Travis, you will also find a box that contains Travis as an avatar.
The only difference is that the "Animesh" box is ticked off.

You can turn any avatar, or even any piece of clothing into animesh, by checking that box, and inserting animations and an animesh script.

Surely, creators will make much more elaborate items with animesh, but in the meantime, this is something anyone can do.

Travis is not bento, which means that his face can't be animated.

If you choose to use him as an avatar, use the appearance sliders to give him a shape you like, or use the sample shape included in the box.



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What a Great Gift!

Publicado May 05, 2022 por Enchtris Byrd 4 estrellas

Thank you so much for a fun Gift. I am surprised. Glad you share something like this, your talent give us all inspiration.

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Fun and free Travis

Publicado August 10, 2021 por Sepia Larnia 5 estrellas

Travis is a fun and nice creature, made me smile while looking at him. He's fullperm, and comes with kung-fu anims.
Would be fun if some would create some nice skins for him.

Thanks lot for the gift !

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The Silas Gallery
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