[Arcanum] WM2Ex Dimensional Box (REZ)

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See the Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlQ_Bvb3rsI
Check out the new trailer which shows off some of the awesome new features!

This pack adds 18 new spell objects to your Wishmaster HUD's Dimensional chapter. You are getting a large dose of finely crafted, unparalleled visual effects that will have people turning heads as you travel in the finest magical style available in Second Life. Hand crafted sound effects, finely tuned visuals, intricately sculpted meshes and artfully painted textures will assure you an elite magical experience as to be expected from Arcanum.

• Flame - Travel through the hottest flames of hell and emerge unsinged.
• Orb - De/materialize into beautiful crisp orbs of light.
• Derez - The avatar is disintegrated with laser like precision and reassembled elsewhere.
• Flicker - Shimmering lights flicker about and climax in one large burst - talk about "flashy".

• Doorway - The caster calls forth an arcane doorway that allows for instantaneous travel between locations, people and camera.
•• Features high quality animated mesh and materials.
••• Includes a "colorizer" that allows you to adjust and save your portals color to taste.

• Warp - This one will have heads turning as the caster charges up and leaps into a supersonic flight, breaking the sound barrier in the process. Allows for travel to camera or target.

• Poofer - Choose your favorite effect and use it to teleport around Second Life!

Thank you for supporting Arcanum - Second Life's leading producer of professional spell-casting gear since 2006!


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  • 100% Original Assets | Custom Sounds, Mesh, Materials, Textures & Animations
  • Absolutely jawdropping visual FX.
  • Unparalleled WARP spell will blow your mind (and the sound barrier).
  • Stunning new Doorway spell allows you to travel in style.
  • Teleport Poofer Included!

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Needs some maintenance

Publicado October 29, 2017 por Reio 2 estrellas

I still think this is an awesome addon, however lately the dimensional poofer has been leaving behind "lightning nodes" that are not temp. This means each time I teleport I leave behind prims that use up the prim count of everywhere I visit. It is not a good look for me.

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Again, suitably impressed

Publicado June 13, 2015 por MzTania Vella 5 estrellas

All aspects od this excellent addition have their uses. The previous reviewers have supplied plenty of detail on them, so I won't expound any further, but to say Zachh is a pure Wizard in both Worlds.

House Governess,
The Retreat.
Now with WishMaster2, I reign supreme.

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