Atea Avatars
Atea Avatars
Vendido por: Atea Aeon
Te has unido: December 12, 2007

Hello, my name is Atea Aeon and I am the owner of Atea Avatars in Second Life. I create high quality complete 3D avatars and distinctive characters, both human and fantasy. My collection includes youthful male and female humans as well as wonderful elder male avatars and middled aged men and women. I have also created a fantasy line of faery queen avatars, male and female faeries, a new line of elf avatars, and lovely drow as well as nekos and role play characters. I have a beautiful faery castle main store on Lethe, Isle of Wyrms.

My avatar series include:

Faery Queens
Male Faeries
Hybrid Faeries
Elf Avatars
Human Males
Human Females
Role Play Characters
Neko Avatars
Drow Avatars


Customer Service is very important to me. Please send me an im in world, or email me at if you have questions, concerns, or had problems with a delivery. I manually deliver items in-world if they did not arrive when you paid for them.

My items are no transfer, so I do not accept returns. If you accidentally paid twice for the same item, I refund the additional amount paid.

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