Anna Luzia Shepherd´s Digital Artworks & more
Anna Luzia Shepherd´s Digital Artworks & more
Vendido por: AnnaL Shepherd
Te has unido: February 26, 2007

Amazing erotic and fantasy Artwork for your home, brought to you by Anna Luzia Shepherd.

This Digital Artwork comes to you in a beautiful frame with reziser script to fit your needs. Its a unique Artwork that you will not find on the Internet. Original without the Demo Signature and rendered at highest SL possibility.

Remember, these are completely original graphics, made by AnnaL Shepherd´s account holder. The texture graphics are legally protected by common creative rights. You will not find these graphics on the Internet, unless they are stolen!

If you are interested in a unique custom made picture for yourself don't hesitate to ask me.

Started in Oktober you will also get nicely crafted shoes, boots and more.


All of the pictures are equipped with a menu driven size controller. Some of them have the opportunity of a menu driven second picture in the particular frame. So please read the feature list before you buy.
Refunds can't be given, the picture is as it is. No mod, No copy, No transfer. (that means you loose the picture if you transfer it!)

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