{ACD} Some Bunny Loves You Bean Bag Set PG

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I cannot stress enough how important it is to come inworld to see & try the ENTIRE demo to make sure you know exactly what you're getting & if it works for your avatar or not.

19 LI For Set As Shown
Texture Change
Experience Enabled Activities
117 Animations In Set

Bunny Bean Bag: 4 LI
12 Textures for Center, Ears, Piping & Sides.
18 Female Sits
13 Female Activities (Laptop, text, TV, etc.)
24 Male Sits
5 Male Activities (Laptop, text, TV, etc.)
37 Cuddles

Wall Fence With Sign Adult: 3 LI
3 Textures (Drag & Drop Your Own Photo Onto The Sign)
20 Cuddles
***A lot of the animations in this fence are for when it's up against a wall of some sort.***

Wooden Chickadee Wall Decor: 1 LI
1 Laying Animation

Fence With Sign Wall Decor: 2 LI
3 Textures

Fence Plain Wall Decor: 1 LI
3 Textures

Sun & Rain Cloud Wall Decor: 3 LI
Forest Wall Decor: 3 LI
Wooden Tulip Trio Wall Decor: 2 LI

*There are no pose balls, just right click & sit to get animation menu.

*The item(s) is experience enabled, see accompanying note card for instructions. Basically, in this case a prop from a piece of furniture will be able to automatically attach to you, but only if YOU agree to it & it only takes allowing it once, it helps make things more immersive. See accompanying note card for instructions on how to set it up.

*Changing the size of mesh can impact the amount of prims it takes up and will also mess up animation positions.

* There are teleport pads located on the ground in every area of the store to help you get around quickly. Just sit & choose location from drop down menu. Link to store is down below.

*See included note cards for more detailed item & store info. Most, if not all, questions can be answered there.

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