Aphrodite "Stay on clinic"Maternity baby bag for Moms & babies

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At first please watch our video here!

♥ This smart Travel Bassinet/Diaper Bag - 3 in 1 is the best for when you going to be interned in the Maternity clinic to have your baby and for the couple years after. It has absolutely everything that we need as expecting mothers to be ready to run any minute!

When life moves too quickly to worry about big bulky gear, just throw this beautiful Portable Bassinet carry strap over your shoulder and you’re out the door. Agile as a cat, this bassinet transforms from an over-the-shoulder diaper bag to a changing station to a bassinet in the blink of an eye. Fashionable and practical, accommodating and flexible, 3-in-1 Bassinet is tailor made for busy families who want to seize the day whenever the opportunity arises.

Whenever we travel or just go over someone else's hues , or even the pediatricians office - this bag is a life saver. Your baby will not only been changed in the this bag , but will be also able to take safe naps in it and played in it and just lay there happily. The bag has so much storage space, is super easy to carry and I can even carry her in it from one surface to another if need be. If your have a second home that's your family vacation in and instead of buying an extra changing table we simple place this bag on a set of drawers and voila'! The strap has a non-skid surface on it that if placed non-skid side down under the bassinet , prevent the bag from moving around. You can keep using it till your baby is around 8 months age!

"Mum to be" its a travel Genie is a must for parents and babies on the go. This convenient travel system is a diaper bag, changing station and portable bed all in one.
Features convenient, padded carrying strap
Extra large pockets to store all of babies essentials
Includes insulated bottle and food sleeves

You may wear the bag on your arm, rezz it full of products for you and your baby (this option is only 10 LI!) or transform it with a simple click into a super cute portable diapers bag station. Three different uses in one!

The wearable bag has a resizer script and hud for you to fit perfect to your avatar at any size.

It also comes in two colors, for boys or girls, blue or pink options for you to choose from.


♥ When used as diaper changer, 11 animations with adjustable poses and 7 automatic props to wear and change your baby (putting diaper, putting pacifier, throwing dirty diaper to trash, putting powder, cream and lotion to your baby, feed your baby with milk bottle, etc)

♥ Fully animated cosmetics purse with animated lip balm, lipstick, nutritive face mask, caviar shampoo, caviar conditioner, hair brush, and even heart shaper wearable breast pads!

♥ Includes a fully animated frog bento dispenser that has 6 different healthy foods & snacks for mommy to enjoy including chicken, rice, vegetables, sushi, veggies, fruits and more presented on a funny way made with love and a funny frog fork! Mineral water bottle to drink animated.

♥ Products for the baby included are: a candy children bag full with over 20 products like: 2 different animated rattles, wearable pacifiers in two sizes, newborn and bigger baby (avatars), folded baby clothes to decorate any wardrobe, security blanket, decorative baby towel, soap and sponge, soft plush baby frog toy, baby animated pillow for baby avatars with 6 animations, baby diapers pile, baby wipes and moisturized clothes, baby milk warmer bottle fully animated dispensing baby wearable milk bottles (small), etc.

♥ Includes also an optional nursery diaper changer table unit, but its also for you to rezz and use on your own bed, table, or anywhere! any furniture of your own (you may have only to adjust poses)

♥ This bag can be used with any prims baby in SL (Espejito, Zooby, Tatu, Latino, etc) but it wont change scripts or baby stats and also for any baby avatar classic or mesh such as Totsipop, Toodlee, Toodleedoo, etc. (small baby version ones)
Can be used together to interact with parents, one at a time, mother or father by playing the animations and wearing the props for a cool family RP.

As last but not less important,

♥~We would like to thank you so much Espejito company, who definitely and without any doubts sells the best prim babies that exists in SL! The models we use for our pictures were provided by them, please visit and see them here

Prim count: as bag wearing it, no prims used, rezzed full of products 10 LI, used as baby diaper changer 17 LI. MESH & very low prims!

Copyrighted product by Marina Ramer & Rekka Whiteberry

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Title :: Travel bed bag kit
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Awesome Bag!!!!

Publié le 11/5/2019 de EdenStokes 5 étoiles

Worth every penny I take it everywhere with my babies works great and has everything I need! Every mothers must have

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Publié le 28/3/2018 de Seyona Bloodrose 5 étoiles

The most adorable and detailed Maternity baby bag I've ever seen.
It is indeed a bit expensive but WORTH every penny!
It's a cute bag to walk around with and hen needed you can rezz a whole changing station!
Simple perfection

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