[Black Tulip] Script - Analog Clock - Grandfather Clock Edition

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You can setup and control all this with *one* script:

- The clock Hours, minutes and seconds hands. Seconds hand is optional, and it can be placed in a separate place than hours and minutes. There's a tool to help setting up the hands, so they rotate as you want them.
- You can define all the timezones you need, and there's an option to turn on/off daylight saving.
- Pendulum tick-tock motion (and rest position). There's a tool to help setting it up, and its motion can be turned on/off.
- Spinning gears. If you feel like adding spinning gears to the clock, you can. You can turn them on/off.
- Tick-tock sound. It can be turned on/off.
- Chimes sound.
- Two extra buttons that you can setup to call other scripts.
- Final user can change access to owner only/everybody/group
- Menu can be integrated into tools such as MLPv2, AVsitter... (AVsitter version 2 works too!)

Always refer to http://blacktulip-store.blogspot.com/p/licenses.html for the most up-to-date license.

By acquiring this package, you agree to:

- Use the scripts included in the corresponding building aid box in your own productions only AFTER having set its permissions for NEXT OWNER to NO COPY or NO TRANSFER.
- NOT give away any of the scripts contained in this box under any circumstances.

The scripts are EXCLUSIVELY to be used in the items you sell/gift: you are responsible for any misuse.

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Publié le 21/1/2020 de BellaRaines 5 étoiles

The analog clock works great. No complaints there. But there are other clock scripts that work just as well for far cheaper. I'm a reasonably intelligent person, but I couldn't get the chimes or pendulum to work at all. Those are the reasons I purchased this set of scripts. I looked for an instruction notecard and there isn't one. I wouldn't call this a waste of lindens, and perhaps others may have more luck with it. It just didn't work for me.

I have updated this review because the creator got back to me almost immediately. Not only did she send me the instructions for the clock, she also gave me some advice and sent me a gift of clock sounds. Excellent customer service!

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Publié le 3/10/2015 de Azuzena Veliz 5 étoiles

I advise you, it did work as I never saw in SL, all is perfect. There are hours of walking perfectly, great scripts, she deserves more than 5 Star pity that we can not give 20 Stars If you look for a Grandfather Clock expensive it go .

In addition to creating her very available to help.
A thousand times thank you Auryn Beorn

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