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Do you still use your LL hands? Did you buy my bento products and are your hands now permanently outstretched? I am sorry! Have this hand fixer, for free! It sets your hand position to relaxed, forever, constantly.
Simply attach the fixer, and it will fix your hands! Hands unfixed by furniture or poses? Fix them again by touching the button! Wow!



  • i messed up
  • have fix
  • i'm too tired and/or lazy to fix all my hand positions
  • literally nobody has noticed but one person

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Publié le 1/6/2020 de Gallapin 5 étoiles

i could not figure out how to get my hands back to relaxed but this works, finally!

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Remember to spay and neuter your pets.

Publié le 7/12/2017 de Jam Ixito 5 étoiles

I saw this product when I was scrolling through the list and decided to purchase it because it looked just like my own avatar, I always bring my gay pride flag with me wherever I go as well, It makes me feel like I just won the Olympics, you know when the three top people get their medals and they get to run around the track with their falg behind them. It sorta makes me wonder if they could do that for other non-running sports or if the athletes would be too slow because they arn't runners, but maybe they could use a smaller circle to make it look like they were running faster.

Anyway I was sort of confused because I didn't think gay cats needed to be fixed, but after consulting with a vet even if your car isn't around other cats at all, or is gay in this case fixing them is still recommended due to some behavioral issues, and a reduced risk in prostate cancer.

I definitely recommend this product, it could save your feline friends life, or your own.

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[Murder of Ravens]
[Murder of Ravens]
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