Nikki's ReLink Version v1.0

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Do you want to Link something but...

- The thingy goes Crazy?
- The scripts not work any more?
- The Physics doesn’t turn on?
- Your sits drive you crazy?

Then the ReLink KIT is your soluation!

ReLink add’s your LinkSets to other
LinkSets without to destroy the Link
Number order and Physics settings.

Your Stuff will continue working after
Linking things to it! Isn’t that nice?!

You have any questions about this?
Please call me Inworld, nikki580

=== Some FAQ ===

Q: After adding stuff to my boat, it goes below waterline on start?
A: Some boats initialize there script settings on REZ, so take and rez your boat again.

Q: Seems somet stuff get wrong positioned after resetting.
A: Some scripts do there initialize for postions on reset, that means stuff must be in the correct place already. If you don't know how your vehicle appear in this "Initialstate", add your stuff and ignore RESET scripts in step-by-step.

Q: I don't want reset my scripts, i may loose setting?!
A: Yes you do but you don't need to reset the scripts always. in 99% of all cases your vehicle will still work nice.

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  • Links stuff without to break link numbers
  • Easy to use

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Publié le 1/6/2021 de bloodycandycane 5 étoiles

I got this back in 2016 and it still works great thank you

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doesn t work

Publié le 29/5/2021 de syndi77 Serenity 1 étoile

I had no use respecting the process and we add scripts in the linked object that does not work at all the object A no longer works as we must see even attachments which are positioned elsewhere suddenly everything is broken, without the script Relink it won't work either but nothing would be broken and I wouldn't have to spend money for nothing, when you pretend to sell an object to simplify your life it must be up to what you say and not take ls on people for something that is not working

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