Rent A Rezzer Rental Station Version 6.2a

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Rental Station - Rent-A-Rezzer
1st in SL!



Designed to allow you to rent your scenes (photo booth, nature scene, home & housing, game arena, racing circuit), packaged with LunaMare Packager (included free in this set).

✔ Super easy to setup, drag and drop each packaged scene along with picture, and one notecard with rental settings (settings applies to all objects inside one machine).
✔ Rental settings from minutes to weeks. (Ex,: L$50 / 3 hours, L$100 / 30 minutes)
✔ Rental settings can allow the use of all scenes inside the machine or just the scene selected. (Pay to use one or pay to use all)
✔ Demo feature allows renter to preview scenes, timeout can be set to any number of seconds or even disabled when set to 0.
✔ Free use can be set to any group. Subscriptions or promotional hand out.
✔ Handles an average of 200 scenes per machine. (This number may vary according to the size of the name of your scenes)
✔ Split profits with up to 2 avatars.
✔ Any scene size, from a simple chair, to a fully furnished house.
✔ Optional notification when someone rent out the machine.
✔ Fast rez enabled automatically for scenes with less than 20 items / linksets.

Basically you will be renting the rezzer machine, with options to allow rez any model within the machine or the current one selected only.

Setup once, take a copy, rez as many as you need or whenever you need!

See this machine in-world live!

You will find this product at the 3rd floor, to the left, at our main store and at the demo area.



Copy and Modify.
All scripts are no mod.
Packager permissions are copy and transfer (included)


I hope you will enjoy this item as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Any questions feel free to IM me. Have fun!


Andred Darwin.
LunaMare Designs.


Updated: August 2022
Version 6.2a

- Updated rounding for positioning rez-box when a product is selected, should match exactly as set when using the option "Save 3D Pos". There is no need to repackage models, just copy the current models and pictures to the new machine.


Version 6.2
Only packager scripts were updated, addressing the following:

- Increased the timeout for an object to be ready in-world before assuming rez failed and retry.
* Fixes a situation where the box would rez a very large linkset twice (such as boats, with over 150 prims, over 400 textures in one linkset and dozens of scripts, animations, etc.)
# Affects scenes containing one or more very large linkset with over 150 prims.

- Increased the delay to delete all objects when receiving the command from a rezzer machine while rezzing a scene with over 5 objects.
* Fixes a situation where box cannot delete the last object while rezzing a set of objects, in regions with a high number of scripts running.
# Affects scenes with over 5 objects running on a heavy scripted region when using a rezzer machine.

The update is simple and instructions are included with this package.

As with all updates, they are free, and you should have received a new version.
If for some reason you did not received this version, feel free to do a redelivery here at the marketplace, or send me an IM for purchases in-world.


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  • Rent your scenes, photo booth, etc
  • From minutes to weeks
  • Easy Setup, packager included
  • Demo, Auto Derez, Group Options
  • Uo tp 100 scenes per machine, 8 panels

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Great product
full star full star full star full star full star Publié le 3/7/2023 de ClemenceSinamon

This product is really great, I recommend it.
Easy to use !

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LunaMare Designs
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