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The World Map Buddy

Map your friends across the globe!

You no longer need six watches to accurately track your friends' timezones! The World Map Buddy is a resizeable tool which allows you to mark off points with push pins that will display your friends' information.
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You will see:
* your friend's name
* city and state or special message
* the time it is where your friend lives
* green push pin if they are online, red if they are offline, blue if they are on the same sim
Stop counting time differences on your fingers and get the big picture--the big picture of the world with push pins! The World Map Buddy!

* Beautiful world map texture
* map is resizable to fit your space
* Allows anyone to add a push pin
* Pins display your friend's profile pictures
* Push pins display friend's name, hometown, local time, and online status for easy reference
* Maximum of 246 push pins
* Permissions to add pins: owner, group, all
* very light on sim resource use
* You may use the location information (City, State field) as a note/special message
* Green push pin for online, Red for offline, Blue for on same sim as you
Detailed Instructions:

Adding Push Pins

1. Touch the world map on your location; you will be prompted for more information
2. Choose which information to add; you will be prompted until you ignore or click Finish
• City Name can be used to record location or a special message, said in chat
• Time provides you with a + or - to click in the prompt until your current time is set
• Pic allows you to use your profile picture as the head of the pin (used by default)
3. To adjust the tilt, click Tilt from the prompt and click the arrows that appear on the pin;
click the center of the pin "Done" to finish the process
4. To adjust the position, click Map Pos from the prompt and touch the desired map location
4. Click Finish to complete your pin

I truly strive for high quality. If you see anything I could do better, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you for your interest in the World Map Buddy!

skidz Tweak



  • Lets anyone add a pin to the map
  • Shows local timezones
  • Shows online and offline status
  • VERY minimal scripts
  • Creates a real sense of community

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Publié le 25/2/2008 de Summer Foley 1 étoile

I never got my delivery of this item...sent three messages since Feb. 7th, and still don't have it. Needless to say, I am disappointed.

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Publié le 15/1/2008 de Nadja Travanti 5 étoiles

Neat idea, not to difficult to follow the instructions

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