PREHISTORICA: The Dawn Kingdoms
PREHISTORICA: The Dawn Kingdoms
Vendu par : Wanders Nowhere
Date d'inscription: 15/8/2006

Thunder across the earth as a colourful hadrosaur. Browse the tallest trees as a majestic sauropod. Defend your herd as a valiant ceratopsian...or stalk your prey as a deadly theropod.

Welcome to DAWN KINGDOMS, specializing in magnificent, life-sized and realistic prehistoric avatars. Over 25 species of dinosaur including lethal Raptors and the mighty T.rex are available to enhance your Second Life experience. Become the most magnificent beasts ever to walk the earth and experience Second Life as never before!


1. All purchases are final. Please choose your product carefully. NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES given.

2. Our avatars' components are not sold separately.

3. If your product is not delivered, please contact Wanders Nowhere inworld via NOTECARD. (IMs are frequently capped)

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