Vendu par : Fabiano Viper
Date d'inscription: 17/8/2009

You know you want it!

At Alofoke Designs we offer high quality designed caps, sneakers and hair tattoo’s. We strive on giving customers satisfactory products as well as offer great customer service.

We also do Custom requests! just send a note-card to Fabiano Viper.


⇨:All Items are Copy and No Transfer
⇨:No exchanges No refunds
⇨:Duplicate purchases will be exchanged for something else of the same value.
⇨:Please send me a notecard with full transaction details .If not delivered

⇨:CUSTOMS! Just send me a notecard with details on what you want and we will discuss the price. (note: you will have to pay half in advanced and the other half once the produc


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