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Date d'inscription: 17/2/2010

Intense Creations in combination with Intense Auto was created back in 2007 while building at an Australian sandbox named, Pondex. I love building, modding, altering and coming up with different ideas.
I have a lot of help from some of the best friends and creators in Second Life.
To them I owe a lot, with them we will grow and together we kick ass.
We dont build everything, but what we build we hope you wish to ensure you keep for years to come.
We are more than just cars! Google, Intense Creations or Lisipark Second Life. Youtube as well.

Blitz Rage
Goodshot Marksman
Swatchz Quan
AussieCarGuy Resident
Lisi Lefevre


Our policies, if you require a redelivery, update, demo, custom modification just ask myself or Swatchz Quan.
We will do our best to help you.

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