Burning Desire
Sold by: phoenix Lodenwald
Joined: March 25, 2010

~*~Burning Desire~*~ was created mainly for erotic jewelry and accessories, ofcourse eventually more piercings will come with less of an erotic side though still scripted to suit your needs. ~*~Burning Desire~*~ the pieces are delicate work and take a lot of time to make though might not suit your body as much as you would like. There for I always recommend my customers to make a copy before they do anything.

~*~Burning Desire~*~ takes great pride in the jewelry featured and will eventually begin a store inworld when more items are created. If you have any suggestions for piercings please send them in and leave a review on my items, I am anxious to see what you think of them.

Phoenix Lodenwald, Creator of ~*~Burning Desire~*~ jewelry


As a policy, I keep myself on a strict jewelry basis though perhaps one day I might expand to clothing or tattoo's. I work hard and have it as a rule to not have any of my items on marketplace or anywhere else until I am completely Satisfied with the quality of the items. I want my customers to feel that they are buying a quality piece instead of a quantity piece.

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