4 prim "Umbrella Retractable" scripted, big texture list + add any texture (mod, copy) バージョン 1.5

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This is final item. textured scripted for personal use. If you were seaking for full perm 3D model. it is in building section in my store.

- 1 (mod/copy/NO transfer) 4 prim umbrella.
- 1 (mod/copy/NO transfer) 4 prim parasol.
- 1 read me notecard;

Umbrella differs from parasol with sound effect and water reflection on fabric surface (you can see only if using ALM in graphics settings).
Opened it kelps over head.
Closed hangs at yours elbow.

How to:
- Attach it. (script works correct only with right hand);
- Touch any part of umbrella (other then handle) to close/open umbrella;

- Built-in: To change texture just touch handle. Once you touch next texture applies, second touch will rotate texture in case it looks better to you, next touch will show next texture etc.
- Manual: You may change texture with ANY textures you have or may have in inventory. To do that just drag and drop it over fabric surface.
No any special premade. Highly recommended to remove script that in handle (NOT in root) so you not accidentally clear yours texture with activated script that continue working with preloaded list.

To create own list of textures, you need to have full perm textures of course. Script requires to stay in handle.
You must know how to get it UUID (usually right click and select line 'Copy UUID', may differs in different viewers).
Create new notecard name it "!uuid+ fabric".
First line does in notecard not reads, so leave it empty and start from second, paste UUID, press enter, paste another UUID, press enter etc.
You only limited with SL notecard symbols limits that is something around more then 1000 textures allows in one card.
Replace notecard in handle of item. Reset script if it did not do itself.



  • more then 50+ textures
  • Animated pose with open close.
  • 2 custom passive scripts.
  • 4 prims only
  • high detailed.

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販売元: Silk Aeon

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