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This script is used to direct your object to move around the distance you want.
- If it's an animesh object, you can add animations for "walk" and "stand" by yourself.
- can be used to add natural movement to robot object, people object, pets object in your area.

how to use script
1. Add animations ("walk" and "stand") to your object.
2. Add our script to your object.
3. Drop our object and rotate it to face the same direction as your object.
4. Set position to the same position as your object.
5. when in the same position make link object ( by having our object as the main object )
6. Selected "Animated Mesh"
7. Open the note card and set the desired settings and Save.

Please see how to use it in the video and open subtitles.

- Object can copy, tranfer, modify
- Can't view scripts only

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  • can setting object range.
  • can setting object speed.
  • can choose your animation.
  • can be used with general object and animesh

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Pretty cool
full star full star full star full star full star 掲載済み 2023/02/22 : Chanticleer Evergarden

Does what I need it to do.
It would be lovely to see another animesh movement script that allows you to add a path for it to walk around. As alternative to wandering randomly in a radius.

Animash Movement Script Copy, Modify, Transfer
full star empty star empty star empty star empty star 掲載済み 2022/08/03 : BulldoZerr

this is a rip off, it does not have the permissions described, do not take it at all




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DM Script
DM Script
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