21strom Christmas Tree of Light - ALL COLORS

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Christmas mesh tree made of light is fantasy tree which is in constant smooth, calm motion.
You have to see the video of these trees!

- 1 tree with 7 different trunk textures, prim count 4 prims/LI up to 18 meters of height
- Script for stopping the wind and light effect - insert it to a tree and turn animation off. Reset object to start animation again.

Whispering Wind – smooth animation of wind effect. Turn it off, back on, delete scripts and it will still work...
There are 7 trunk textures. No HUD, no dialog, just click on trunk for next pattern.
Basic variation is white, you can change color of trunk, branches, icicles and star separately.
Copy and full modify - change colors, create unique tree with your favorite color, change size....
Scripts are copy only, script for smooth effect of trunk light is modify, you can change the speed of light:)

Changing the size could cause different land impact - prim count.
Unlinking tree could cause script malfunction.

All landscapes are rezzed at 21strom - see them inworld:

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  • Smooth motion - animated effect
  • Low poly mesh - low prim count/LI
  • Whispering Wind - wind effect of branches
  • Copy
  • Full modify, including script with speed of trunk light

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21strom by Zuza Ritt
21strom by Zuza Ritt
販売元: Zuza Ritt

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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