[FYI] Mesh Terrain Builder's Kit: Grasslands Edition

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A revolutionary new way to create ground! This is just like the original Mesh Terrain Kit, and is compatible with the [FYI] Cave System, but it is includes features that the other one is missing.

And unlike sculpties, you don't need any physics prims! The physics are included with the Terrain Kit pieces, and are 100% accurate to the ground. Just rez the pieces, put them near enough so they overlap, and you can walk over them. That's it! No invisible prims, floating in the air as you walk over the ground like with sculpties!

Pieces are UV mapped to minimized stretching. No longer do you have to settle for ground with sharp drops that have stretched textures.

This also lets you bypass the 4 texture per sim limit, as well as the height restrictions. This means that if you want a beach on top of a mountain on a lake, you can do it now! And it's not a flat prim, it'll actually have hills and rolling swoops and all sorts of great things.

Be sure to come check it out in world.

When building with these pieces, make sure you overlap them. They are designed to overlap so the ground looks more natural and the physics engine requires it whether you're using Mesh or in world prims to prevent you from falling through the ground.

The Cave Entrance pieces are specially designed to fit with the FYI Mesh cave tunnel kits. The mesh cave tunnel kits are superior to work with and provide a much better building experience than the sculpty one.

This product is compatible with the [FYI] Cave System!

You can use this product with other mesh and sculpty [FYi] Cave System products to create your own, custom and unique super awesome cave system! Build your own custom mesh caves with baked textures by simply connecting other caves in the [FYI] Cave System with cave tunnel kits in the [FYI] Cave System.

All of the [FYI] products are all original content. They are not stolen from games or other sources illegally. Meaning that you're buying legitimate, legal goods. Stolen content can be deleted from your inventory at any time and you won't get a refund. When you buy custom, original content, that simply doesn't happen and your purchase is safe for as long as you keep your account!

You can find other compatible [FYI] Cave System components by searching for #fyicavesystem

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  • Baked and built tiles with grass and rocks.
  • Physics Included No need for physics prims, just rez and resize
  • 2-6 prim count per piece, at up to 64m x 64m
  • Create realistic land at any elevation, no more depending on simulator ground
  • #fyicavesystem

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[FYI] Mesh Caves, Sewers, Tunnels, and Builder's Kits
[FYI] Mesh Caves, Sewers, Tunnels, and Builder's Kits
販売元: Flea Yatsenko

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