Fancy Text HUD - ASCII Words バージョン 1.1

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Fancy Text HUD - ASCII Words

Neat, simple and easy way to decorate and add some fun to chat, gestures, instant messages and profiles in SL!

HUD works as a text builder, mixing ASCII art characters with your text, you can type, select preset emoji's or generate a new one based on alpha numeric characters and when done, no need to Copy ( the application already does it for you as you type ) just Paste at the Chat/IM window, Profiles, notecards or anywhere you want.


This HUD uses Media On A Prim (MOAP), Media must be enabled on your viewer when using it, if any questions, please check your viewer documentation about Media on a Prim.
Media On A Prim is usually used to display websites, videos from the Internet (commonly used in TV's) in-world.

This HUD is private by default:
✔ It does not use or download any external libraries from the internet.
✔ It does not send, download or contact any external website on the Internet for any purpose.
✔ It does not communicate with any other object in-world.
✔ It is completely contained within the SL ecosystem, neat, simple, private and easy!

All ASCII characters generated by this HUD are compatible with the SL Official Viewer and Firestorm Viewer, for languages that use the common alphabet, tested as of February 2023.


✔ Text message builder, allows you to mix your text with preset ASCII character's and emoji's naturally, simple and easy.
✔ Text to ASCII art encoder, type your word or phrase, choose from 20 options generated and click the Add button to continue with your message.
✔ Sections for single emoji's, odds and ends, and preset messages.
✔ Build single or multiple lines messages.
✔ Thousands of possible combinations.
✔ Mini control panel to hide and show HUD and not take much screen space.
✔ No need to copy, just create your message and Paste anywhere you want.
✔ All within SL, no need for any external website, private by design.
✔ 3 HUD sizes included (Small, Medium and Large).
✔ Two scripts entire HUD, can be worn at all times if needed.

See pictures in this ad!



3 sizes included.

Also available at our store in-world!

Available: January 2023
Updated: February 2023.

v1.1 - Added 10 extra fonts to the Encoder screen


I hope you will enjoy this item as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Any questions feel free to IM me. Have fun!

Andred Darwin.
LunaMare Designs.

Second Life の商品を表示



  • ASCII encoder built-in with 10 options - any word
  • ASCII emoji's presets included
  • Private no requests to external websites
  • 3 HUD sizes included
  • Mini Control panel to hide - only 2 scripts per board

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What an awesome gift!
full star full star full star full star full star 掲載済み 2023/05/14 : SeleneSkyfall

I was gifted this and it's really cool! I will surely get some use out of it. Super quick to use and lots of preset options as well as customizations!

So perfect
full star full star full star full star full star 掲載済み 2023/03/10 : Prisqua Newall

Practical, easy to use and it's all contained in SL, rather than using a crappy website full of ads. My profile is always a work in progress, but I am enjoying this HUD immensely to add some flair effortlessly.




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LunaMare Designs
LunaMare Designs
販売元: Andred Darwin

この商品はあなたまたは Second Life 内のフレンドに配達され、開封された後、使用可能になります。土地やサンドボックスは不要です。

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