Flight Suit Kit US Navy Pacific WW2

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This box contains:

USN Garrison Cap
USN Flight Cap WW2 Pacific
MayWest WW2 USN........Jacket Layer
USN Flight Suit Shirt.......Shirt layer
USN Flight Suit Shirt+MayWest......Shirt Layer
USN Flight Suit Pants......Pants Layer
There are no mesh items included. Those adept at flying in SL will tell you to ditch all prims and scripts and have your avatar at minimum cost to avoid the dreaded lag....the last thing you need in combat.
The Garrison cap and the Flight Cap will need to be modified to fit. Please make a copy of the original before altering.....
These attachments are made as low prim as possible to make flying in SL as easy as possible.
The uniform is designed based on original photographs and equipment of the period, that is the Pacific Theatre of Operations during WW2. There were many variations on the basic flying kit in this region due to supply difficulties. It is accurate within the limitations of SL. NB Only includes items listed ..sunglasses,boots,badges,insignia,T-shirt are NOT included.....
Hope you enjoy this recreation.
Should any unlikely difficulties arise regarding delivery, send a notecard in world and I will sort out the problem. Avadan Grantham



  • Flight Suit Top
  • Flight Suit Pants
  • Mae West Survival Vest
  • USN Khaki Garrison Cap
  • Pacific Theatre flight cap

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Very nice!

掲載済み 2014/01/20 : Pol McAndrews 4 星

I was looking for something to go with my WW2 era planes and this one fit the bill perfectly! I am a Navy vet and I love the the detail that they put into this. Very nice!

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Avadan Grantham

この商品はあなたまたは Second Life 内のフレンドに配達され、開封された後、使用可能になります。土地やサンドボックスは不要です。

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