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The Hampton Bay Beach House
A medium/large luxury beach side cottage!

LI/Prims will be a bit higher if you use the included bonus items. It's a very universal home and fun to decorate. I think it will fit in many different environments but mostly suited to be ocean side. It has that beach wood grain texture through out the home and soft pastel lighter colors. It's very cozy but still roomy and big. It can be modified easy if you have editing skills and includes the textures and a lot of bonus mesh items! Have fun!

BONUS ITEMS! - This house package comes with a lot of bonus / extra / goodies that would normally cost thousands of lindens to purchase separately. They are high quality and high LOD items too! I also included many main high resolution custom textures as well! Create your awesome Paradise!

This home is semi furnished with a kitchen and bathroom but do not include animations. They are mostly cosmetic so feel free to replace them with your own or add animations to them if you like. You can also add or remove the stilts if you don't need them. I've included a Good Box with Palm Trees and various Tropical / Beach mesh items! So you can create your perfect house without spending lots of money! I hope you enjoy this build!

385+ LI / Prims - Can be reduced removing kitchen and bathroom decor.

99% Mesh
30m X 30m (A medium/large size house)

Includes a Matching Boathouse (84 prims)
and Garage (101 prims) in their own rezzer.

4 Bedrooms
Living Room
Bay Windows
Back Porch / Deck
Front Porch
Window Blinds
JeySki 2-seater fun!
Palm Trees (2 variations)
Evergreen Trees (2 variations)
Window Awnings with Planters
Flowers & Vines
String Lights
Picnic Table (seats 3. 2 color variations)
Tropical Elephant Ear Plant
Ceiling Fan
Porch Lights
Stone sidewalk
Kitchen Decor
Bathroom Decor
& more inside the Goodie Box!

These items can be removed to save LI/Prims
* Fireplace
* Ceiling fan
* Porch lights
* Awnings & Planters
* Kitchen decorating
* Bathroom decor

Working Fire Place, and Lights. Just click to Turn off/on
Working Ceiling fan click, on/off
Includes Mesh Trees & Plants
Simple Basic Door Scripts.

Copy - Mod - No Transfer

This latest Prefab House is 99% Mesh and is another detailed build. This house is very spacious considering it's actual footprint size and very cozy! It's a two story, 4 bedroom home with Large Living Area with eat-in kitchen. Front and Back Porch and includes many extras. The Dimension are 30 meters by 30 Meters and total land impact is 385. - I personally do not like cramped homes that are not SL friendly with the viewing camera, meaning it's hard to get good views while inside a house because of the low ceilings or narrow areas. So I made sure to test this house out well as I built it with the default camera settings so that you get good views while inside and less camera collisions and such.

If you have basic building skills this house is super easy to edit and change to whatever suits you. Great for decorating! I think owners will be very pleased with the super detail and quality in this build and the extra bonus items included that allows a great more flexibility in how you layout and edit your new home. I think it makes for a great ocean side or beach home. The Fireplace and Lights (both porch & ceiling) can be turned off and on with a click, or set to auto come on with Sim Time. Feel free to add your own door scripts or edit these door scripts if you like but I've never found them to be any use in preventing anyone from getting past them since everyone can just click to teleport to locations.

I hope the price is fair. I think this house compares to houses that sell for way over this price. I don't think you should have to be rich to be able to enjoy SL quality. So I hope the low price and top quality makes new owners of this home even more happy with their purchase!

I hope you enjoy this home and I look forward to making more Mesh Homes in the future!

Join The "Modern Living" Group for free and chat with other's who own this home and share your interest in home decorating! Also get Tips on editing and modding your home! Make new friends, chat with the creator and get notices of new homes when they are released! *NOTE* Modern Living chat channel is rated "G".ck to resting. I will update this info and the pics soon. I promise this house will not disappoint you!

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  • 30 x 30 meter footprint
  • Two Story
  • Includes Kitchen & Bathroom
  • High Details
  • Mesh Objects

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掲載済み 2019/09/30 : KyleWForrester 5 星

House, Garage and boat house all for 395? AND low prim? complete steal. I got this for My parcel which is on water and the size is absolutely PERFECT! I'm in love with this house. There's plenty of room for Myself, My girl, and a couple friends. I will most def be recommending this to friend and co-workers!

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掲載済み 2019/01/29 : Sophieplum 5 星

Then why can't I modife my house I love it ,but the wall paper is really ugly. I'd love to be able to change it. It could really be stunning.

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Micky Doctorow

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  • 4.95 星 レビュー (20)

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