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.....Hironic Games Table

This table allows you to rezz your Hironic game boards.

ȯ Select who can rezz a game (admins / group / all)
ȯ Select who can play (admins / group / all)

ȯ Set auto-derezz On/Off

Admins can unsit a player if needed (AFK for example, even if some games can manage AFK and autoplay)

ȯ Land impact: 9 (bots included)

But two games are available for FREE on marketplace and in-world store (Hungry Rat and ThirtyOne)

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Wonder! Wonder! Wonder!

掲載済み 2021/07/13 : Axel Naxos 5 星

I got the free games! Very smart and fun! And it's still copyable, something that other creators always limit in their products! Game 31 is easy to understand... while the mouse game is more complicated and I didn't understand detailed instructions, but I'll find out in time. Playing with the BOT is very good for those who enjoy living more alone. Thanks for the gift. I'll look at other games that are paid later!

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Only play with friends.

掲載済み 2021/05/19 : Arangar 3 星

The games are ok and only lag a little in a busy sim. The bots are way too lucky for it to be by chance, which is why 2 stars are missing. If you have enough friends to fill out a game, buy this. If you're looking for AI to play against, go somewhere else. After the fifth game of Skipit or ThirtyOne where the bots are constantly gifted with the exact cards needed to win you will be regretting your purchase if all you bought it for was the bots.

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販売元: Rohacan Hirons

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

  • 4 星 レビュー (5)

  • 権限:
    コピー 修正 再販・プレゼント ユーザーライセンス許可済み
  • 自動再配達
  • 土地の負荷: 9
  • メッシュ: 100% メッシュ