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The Angie Dance Collection.
19 amazing Dance Animations from a Real Dancer.

A true girls release!! Very hot, sweet and sexy.
Angie performed her professional Clubdance and crazy hot Booty shake dances.
We are super happy with the animation results in second life.
We hope you enjoy our work!

See the Youtube Video Appetizer or See the Animations in the Inworld-Store.

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  • 19 Dance Animations
  • Lifelike Motion Capture Animation
  • Professional Actress
  • 25% Discount on the Package
  • See Real-Life Videos of the Dancers

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Not what I expected.

掲載済み 2017/09/04 : Mileia Dubrovna 2 星

I saw the videos and had good expectations from them.Bought the fatpack and sadly I got dissapointed.Girls made a great work but somehow I think the MOCAP gear didn t think animations properly.Some look too robotic.I hope this review will be helpfull since there is a big potential here but needs more tune up.

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Awful, absolutely awful.

掲載済み 2014/01/02 : Viper Roxan 1 星

The animations are jerky, horrible, and they're way too fast to be believeable. That's quite honestly one of the biggest wastes of money i've spent in sl, you should lower the price of these, i'm severely disappointed.

One, you don't get a dance hud with the dances, so you're stuck using your own. Two, the animation quality is bad and i'm pretty much flailing hands and legs about now, and Three the price is way too high.

Save your money, and get something else.

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Marcus Adkins
Marcus Adkins

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  • 3.6 星 レビュー (5)

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