KDC Vermilion elbow cuffs

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This design was brought back from Japan by one of our researchers. It features a slim and elegant glove leather construction with a sturdy "hole and post" locking system, reminicent of the chrome lined cuff set.

This set comes with a customization HUD with the 8 standard KDC leather tones and an additional dark "vermilion" tone, which is exclusive to this set. The metallic parts can also be anodized independently.

The touchbound system allow simple and intuitive interactions that closely mimic real life restraints, simply click two points and it is chained, click a padlock and an object and the system automatically understand that you wish to padlock the object shut.

Touchbound products allow for easy use of restraints animations,leashing, unleashing, tethering and even attaching subs to one to another, all this without fiddling with annoying menus or having to remember pesky commands.

This object comes with the RLV Activator which allows you to silently enable and disable RLV capabilities in all your TouchBound items from a single object. Also, all TouchBound products are LockMeister compatible.

It also comes with a fingerprint enabled padlock that allow you to, quickly and easily lock and unlock your touchbound objects without risks of losing the key.

What more? this item is automatically updated, you will receive the updated versions as soon as they are released.

We highly suggest that you check out the related products as the touchbound items are essentially designed to work with eachothers.

Full documentation is available at the following url: http://kdc.ethernia.net/docs/doku.php?id=touchbound_system:start

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  • RLV Compatible
  • Automatic Updates
  • Chaining, poses and suspensions
  • Optimized mesh & Textures
  • Leashing & Tethering

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Seems to need a better shape, but otherwise good!

掲載済み 2020/10/10 : Nagachief Darkstone 4 星

I bought these all as a set and all of them are quite nice, except for the elbow cuffs. It seems they were made for arms that were simple cylinders, which causes them to not fit well on a lot of arms except around the bicep. Unfortunately this means they're sized up so much they look out of place vs the rest of the cuffs. I think these cuffs require a tapered bottom shape version.

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Wow - pretty and realistic - Lovely set

掲載済み 2020/05/09 : Azaryha Avedon 5 星

I got this entire set because once i had the collar. i needed the rest. where to start...
The mesh work is flawless.. as is the texturing. It always intrigues me how Kyrah manages to make such resource efficient meshes that just look perfect. The texturing just screams of photo realism, wish i had these in RL...(i would pay a LOT lol) The color options look great, and you can tint the metal surface to suit whatever fancy you have. The option of different padlocks that are actual items that is intriguing, and adds just that extra level of realism. The fingerprint padlocks it comes with are ground breaking, but i am happy the other small padlocks can be used too, as that opens for sharing keys around. The way it leashes between points is intuitive and easy. Logically based poses that look good is a plus. Since the items are modify and not fitted, you can scale and move them around to fit your avatar. I have a bit larger thighs then it came with, but a quick scale made it fit perfectly, even made a set that fits over my boots. I cant wait to get my hand on more of Kyrahs items. Wish my own creations were as perfect. (though i doubt i have the time needed to perfect things like this) including a couple images (hope they stand the test of time) https://imgur.com/a/2oU35zA Now to find someone willing to tie me up...

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KDC: Kyrah Design Concept
KDC: Kyrah Design Concept
販売元: Kyrah Abattoir

この商品はあなたまたは Second Life 内のフレンドに配達され、開封された後、使用可能になります。土地やサンドボックスは不要です。


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