Kool BUILDER Door script • Menu setup • Linkable • Mesh friendly バージョン 2.42 (Oct 2016)

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This is the Builder version. If you need doors for personal use, please look at the cheaper "Kool RP door", see Related items below.

▶ Kool BUILDER Door is for creators selling their builds. You will build your doors fast, working immediately the way you want. Only one script to drop in your own prim or mesh to have all the possible movements with no configuration errors.
Your final users will get robust doors on which they can set the access (owner, group, everyone, list of names) .

Note: door prim is copy/trans/mod, door script is copy/trans/NO MOD.

- Easy and intuitive configuration by menu (for builder only), no cryptic notecard. You see immediately how the door moves at each menu click while setting the direction, angle, speed, etc.
- Door rotates, slides, or moves like a curtain in any X Y Z axis direction. Works in prims, meshes, sculpts. No need of cut prims.
- FREE PIVOT POSITION, ideal for garage door, drawbridges, asymmetric meshes, etc.
- Doors can be linked to the house, movement is always the same. Safe for rez system. By linking the doors to your build, end users won't loose or mess the doors when moving their build. This is great for furnitures as well.
- Double doors synchro opening.
- Auto-close (after selected time, or auto: once avatar left range), or manual close.
- Auto-open on collision (walk through) and/or by click, if access is allowed.
- Opening speed is selectable from fast to very slow.
- 8 sounds included, or drop your custom sounds.
- Access for: owner, group, everyone, plus names in notecard. Final user can change the access.
- Optional sculpted lever to control the door (for cage, drawbridge, secret trap door...).
- Door settings survive a script reset or prim copy. Once you configured a door, you can simply copy it to replicate the same configuration.
- Doors will keep their positions when the build is rezzed again, even if some doors were opened while packaging the build.
- Optional API fullperm scripts included (llMessageLinked). If you are at ease with LSL scripting, you can action the door with your own scripts, or generate your own messages when door is actioned.
- You can of course drop the script in your own created prims (normal, sculpted, mesh).
- Free support & one-click auto-updates with future versions.

▶ What your customers will get:

- As such, your final users will get a perfectly working door on which they can set the access (owner, group, everyone, list of names) and opening and closing modes (manual / auto). This is ideal for residential home.

- Optionally, final users can upgrade in one click to their RP version, if they need it for RolePlay. It will add to their doors the RP options (lockpick, knock, messages...), optional Server connection, textures selector, and the full configuration menu. Your builds need to have next owner MODIFY permission set on all door prims. This is a great option if you sell items for the RolePlay community.

By using these Kool BUILDER scripts, you accept the following License Agreement with Kool Mekanic:

- You cannot transfer the scripts to anyone before having set NO TRANSFER permission for NEXT OWNER on script K1000-DOOR BUILDER.
- You can use the scripts only in builds you sell at a reasonable market price (no freebies).
- You cannot distribute the scripts in a simple door or moving prim. The door must be part of a bigger build like a house, fort, cage, drawbridge, etc.
- You understand that only the movement script is transferable. The builder configuration HUD/menu is not transferable.
- Scripts are NO MOD (except the API scripts).
- You should allow next owner MODIFY permission on all door prims, so final users can upgrade the scripts.
- We recommend you display in your product information "Kool Door ready" or use the included logo on your product image.
- No textures are included (due to other creators licenses).


Please IM Kool Mekanic for any questions or suggestions ;)
Join "Kool door Users" group to get help from other users.
BUY IN WORLD or GET FREE UPDATE or REDELIVERY of lost boxes at our main shop (click link below).
If your product seems no mod, get a free Redelivery at my main shop: once in a while Marketplace sends products with wrong permissions.

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  • Transferable door script for professional builders
  • Rotate, slide, curtain. Free pivot position
  • Easy config by intuitive menu for builder
  • API llMessageLinked fullperm script include
  • Works in mesh, sculpt, uncut prim

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Top notch

掲載済み 2020/04/19 : Alex Bader 5 星

Does everything you need and more. Super easy to use and set up. Don’t hesitate, buy it now!

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I love this for making new things that I might sell.

掲載済み 2018/12/04 : Swallow Kiyori 5 星

I've experimented with other door scripts and other door setups in SL. None of them were or are as easy as this is to set up. And I really love that it's easy for the person buying the end product to update the door to more features if they really want to.

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Kool Mekanic - Roleplay door script
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  • 4.95 星 レビュー (40)

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