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Are you a Mesh Maker currently working on a new mesh?
Are you thinking about adding Omega to your Mesh?
Not ready to talk to our local script monkey about it? Want to keep it a secret as long as possible?

We have a kit for that now!

The Mesh Maker Dev Kit lets you take omega for a spin away from prying eyes and without questions from our Pesky Script Monkeys!

Also Works great for Custom Meshs! (Assuming their SLUV of course! ;) )


-The Horzonal Line Test: Used to check your seems!

-Analyzer Scripts:(link) These are informational Scripts, spitting out info that will help you set up your mesh.

-Omega Listeners - (link) For the Sake of my sanity, the listeners have been split into Body and Head. The Body Listener will work for Head Skin and up to 2 Makeup Zones, Type A Heads with 3 or more Makeup zones will need to use the Head Script however. (This does mean you'll need to make the head and body separate attachments)
Omega System Listener - Body
Omega System Listener - Head

-Testing HUDs of Doom: Rather then make you create or track down every single applier type, just to test your mesh, I've created Testing huds that have ALL the applier types on them. They come pre-loaded with textures, ready for testing, but you can also insert your own if needed.

-Underage Avi Booter : (link) Cause Griefers are annoying
-Windlight Tester:
-Affiliate Vendors: These sell the Head and Body Scripts for 199L and is currently the ONLY way they are available by themselves.
- A Logo to put on your Mesh Products. :)

Note: This is an advanced product!
See our Blog for full details before purchase!
There are NO Transferable Scripts in this Kit. It is for Development and LOW volume mesh Sales.

We will not do refunds because this wasn't what you thought it was!

Full Details:

(Srsly...read the blog before before purchase <3 )

Looking for the FREE Dev Kit for Omega? Go here:



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it not work for me :(

掲載済み 2016/09/26 : Wilma58 1 星

i have buy LMC Mesh Templates - Skirt Panels FAT PACK - fully rigged skirt panel Packs III to IX - Builders Tool Kit , no chance to make the body script in it, i rez the skirt on the ground , when i click edit i make no mod and no trans and in description i write skirt , then put the the body script in the skirt , i become only the message make the skirt no mod and no trans and the script go out lol , crap for me :(, it waste my time and money :( and when you read something on the side from omega there are much ^.^ , wonderful :( the one star is to much for this

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Working Great!

掲載済み 2016/09/01 : Yabusaka Loon 5 星

And great customer support!

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Omega Solutions
Omega Solutions
販売元: Chellynne Bailey

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