MBAGR Object Resizer v. 5.2.1 バージョン 5.2.1

MBAGR Object Resizer v. 5.2.1
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The MBAGR Object Resizer is a general purpose open source resizer script, originally made by Maestro Linden and updated over the years by Brilliant Scientist, Amara Twilight, Gindipple and RenateIsabella (yes, that's me ^_^). The name, MBAGR, is simply the first letter in the names of the contributors.

The core code is fairly old but the script should still be reasonably low lag - it's certainly far less laggy than the really old resizers that require a script for each and every prim in the linkset.

Please note:

+ The script comes with no guarantee whatsoever.

+ There are limits to how big or small an object or a linkset can be in SL. If you try to scale beyond those limits, your item will be permanently deformed. You should *always* keep a backup of any item you want to resize. Also, of course, items scaled down very small can be very hard to find in a sim so you better make sure you don't loose track of them.

+ The script is set to delete itself after two hours of inactivity. (When it's in items worn or rezzed that is - it'll survive indefinitely in your inventory.) The autodelete function is partly to avoid old, forgotten resizer scripts to be accidentally retriggered but mostly to keep our sims from being lagged down by unnecessary scripts.

+ You can of course only add the script to items you have modify permissions to. Once installed, the next owner should be able to use it (within the two hour time limit) regardless of whether he/she has modify permissions or not.


Update note: Shortly after this script was last updated, Linden Lab introduced the llScaleByFactor() function - essentially a shortcut to Maestro Linden's original script (but not the functions added by others later). I considered updating the MBAGR to use this function but the compiled code (which is what the server actually uses) seems to be exactly the same so there was no point. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.


Terms and conditions

This is a full perm and free script for everybody in SL. You are free to distribute it any way you like as long as you:

1. Do not charge any money of any kind for the script itself (you can include it with other items you sell though).
2. Do not change the permissions. Keep it full perm for everybody!

You have permission to update the script any way you like as long as you:

1. Also update the version number and update list inside the script. (You may also want to add your initial to the script's name ;-)

2. Still keep it free, full perm and open source for everybody.

3. Send me a copy of your new improved version of the script.



If you like this product, please add a positive review.

If you don't like it, please contact me and tell me what you think should be changed. (And if you're not happy with my solution, please fell free to write a negative review.)

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  • Low lag
  • Resizer script

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掲載済み 2020/03/07 : Aalliicee 5 星

Thank you for great Resizer! Free and well done!

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掲載済み 2018/03/16 : Stephanie Misfit 5 星

Does what it says, easy to use, thank you!

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Bel's Scripts (OPQ Scripts Department)
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