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Great mesh bed for the greatest price you can find on second life.

Bed is animated coming with 8 menus:

-Couple Poses 1
-Couple Poses 2
-After Chilling
-Intimate menu

All coming with a wide variety of poses and single poses can be used with two at the same time. Low land impact of 8 and everything you wish for single chilling, loving with 2 or more steaming hot.

Bed can be adjusted in size.

Ideal for all types of homes and offices

Item is copy 'n' mod

In case of any problems feel free contact: Crixus Domenici.



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Gorgeous Bed

掲載済み 2015/08/10 : BerserkerBoy 5 星

The quality of work is outstanding. It looks amazing, and has a huge menu. You do have to be careful if you mod it otherwise the poses will be out of place. It has a decent sex menu with none of the weird stuff, and tons of romantic animations. Perfect for married couples.

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Awesome Bed

掲載済み 2015/05/01 : Avigdor Gabilondo 5 星

I couldn't be happier with this purchase. It's the best looking bed I've ever owned, stylish yet fits well with masculine decor. I suggest editing just the headboard/frame to Bumpiness>Brightness, to bring out the detail of the wood. Lots of great animations too, though the X-rated are a bit subdued. I have a separate sex engine I add with an invisi-prim. This has to be the best quality bargain priced bed in SL.

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販売元: Crixus Domenici

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