[Promo] Nea FitMesh with 256 Color & 4 Texture HUD

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→ Ruffled Skirt & Top with Bows

- removing this from mp soon as it no longer fits my store grab up yours before - it's gone

Buying this set is like buying a wardrobe full of skirts and tops see the pictures for a few examples.
Easy to mix and match and you are able to save your favorite colors in the HUD.


- 100% Fitted Mesh Full 1 size + Alpha Layer
- 100% Fitted Mesh Skirt 1 size + Alpha Layer
- 100% Fitted Mesh Top 1 size + Alpha Layer
- HUD (8 Textures (4 top,4 bottom) 256 RGB Colors)

Note: The HUD will work regardless if using the seperated or full outfit.


This product is |COPY| only and does require unpacking (able to wear and unpack)


↯ If this product is not delivered, send me a notecard and i'll redeliver it (do supply transaction details)
↯ Make sure you are not 'busy' or 'away' ingame when you buy on Marketplace (this could cause deliver failures)

↯ Don't forget to leave a 5 star review if you liked this, good reviews are very helpfull



  • One fitted mesh size
  • HUD with textures and more functions

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Personal touch!

掲載済み 2014/05/28 : Whimsical Aristocrat 5 星

OK, Mea Culpa - I initially reviewed this as not working on WowMeh - but that was me getting it wrong :) The wonderful designer worked with me, and through that process I worked out what I did wrong.

We did fix up one alpha along the way, so now - I am really pleased with this and have been wearing it on both mesh and normal avid.

Thanks so much for being so helpful - 5 star service and 5 star clothing.

And check out the wonderful HUD options on many of the items - unexpected extras you don;t see anywhere else.

Definitely worth a good look.


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ILLI Footwear/Clothes/Furniture
ILLI Footwear/Clothes/Furniture
販売元: equitum

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