SasTech KioskNet 9.51 Virtual Edition バージョン 9.54

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Do you need the most powerful kiosk system available, allowing you to build more complex kiosks that do more than just give out one item on click? The KioskNet Virtual Button Edition is just what you need.

* Make powerful, networked kiosks to give out anything
* Create as many Virtual Buttons on one kiosk as you want - with no extra prims
* Best for multi-function kiosks that can give out different items, slurls, URLs, etc.

The KioskNet Virtual Button Edition is a powerful networked kiosk system giving you the most flexibility in kiosk design. Create as many buttons as you want on your kiosk and enable them to give out items, teleport links, web links, group join links, or subscribe to your SasTech distribution list (if you have the Subscriber addon).

For example let's say you want to give out a few different items depending on which button was clicked, and also have more clickable buttons for your various social media sites - your blog, your twitter stream, your facebook page, and a teleport button to your inworld headquarters. This is the system for you - you can do it all.

Creating clickable buttons and actions for your kiosk is easy. Start by going to the online configuration web page for your server, and you will see an image of the kiosk texture that you've put in your server. Simply draw a clickable area (button) on your texture with your mouse, and for each button defined, select an action from the easy dropdown list of choices, which can be an object in your server to give out, or an http url, or a SLURL, or an inworld group join message, even a SasTech subscriber list join message.

The beauty and power of this system is that you can add new buttons (and perhaps a new kiosk texture) that do different things at any time, even after all your kiosks are deployed out on the grid. All of your kiosks across the grid will automatically update with your changes, recognizing your new button arrangement. For example let's say you decide you want a new button to give out a new notecard. Simply change your texture as needed, then configure your server to add the new button, perhaps moving the location of existing buttons as needed. Then from the list of actions for your new button, select your new notecard from the dropdown list and save. Your kiosks will update with the new button configuration automatically!

The KioskNet system is completely modular with some fantastic addons you can purchase later to greatly expand the power of your system, such as the Subscriber addon, the Fundraiser addon, or the Visitor greeter/counter addon.

If you are trying to decide between the Basic and Virtual Button edition, don't worry - you can buy the Basic Edition now and then the Virtual Button Addon later if you decide you need the more advanced features, for the same price you'd pay for the Virtual Button edition.

The system is highly configurable and offers a ton of features in one integrated package. You can build your own custom kiosks or use one of the included full-perm kiosks. Sculpties and Mesh prims are fully supported.

KioskNet is fully web integrated. All server configuration is done in online with realtime error checking to avoid problems. Data about each Kiosk network is stored internally on a robust, reliable cloud-based database, allowing you to quickly get valuable data and reports about all of your kiosks across the grid. You can easily examine and manage your kiosk networks right from your own personal kiosk network administrator dashboard online, any time.

Other Features:
* Up to 1000 Kiosks in your network - virtually unlimited
* Impossible to destroy your network
* Auto Fail-Over Multiple Server Redundancy
* Kiosk Networks are transferable to a new owner
* "Copy + Rez" Easy Server Backup/Restore
* All Data Safe from Script Reset Loss
* Full Up-to-date documentation online

Also available for FREE is a whole box full of handy tools to help you manage your kiosk network and improve your system.

For more details, see

Permissions Note: The Server component of the system is NOT transferrable, but copyable so you can run as many kiosk networks as you like. The kiosks are full-perm so you can modify and distribute them however you like.

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SasTech, by Sasun Steinbeck
SasTech, by Sasun Steinbeck
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