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Your pack contains 3 Stilt versions with 4 texture options, and landscaping patches with mesh plants (please see store for demo):

>> 100% Mesh (animated, not walking), feeding or standing, 1 LI, copy modify
>> Mesh/Animesh Hybrid linked to landscaping patches (intermittent walking, please read details below), 4 and 12 LI, copy.
>> 100% Animesh (continuous walking animation), 33 LI, copy.
>> landscaping patches (small 4LI and large 12 LI), copy modify


Animesh objects in-world (ie, not attached to an avatar) add an additional 15 to the land impact of an object, or even more for more complex models.

Therefore, we are offering an alternative, called an 'Animesh/Mesh hybrid'. What does this mean?

In order to reduce the land impact, the hybrid offers a 'temporary-rez' (temp-rez) option, which once activated (right click & touch to activate) will randomly play a 30 second loop of the animesh version, before it changes into the mesh object.

There are Pros and Contras that come with this option:

> PRO: Due to the temp-rez option, only the land impact of the mesh object will count.

> CONTRA: Temp-rez can have an effect on sim loading times. This will most likely not have an impact in 'no lag'/'low lag' regions, however it may affect performance in busy areas.
We therefore do not recommend using the 'Animesh/Mesh hybrid' (with temp-rez function) for busy sims. In that case, the '100% Animesh' version should be used.

Animesh requires the use of rigged mesh models, which unfortunately cannot be resized, and therefore the 'Animesh/Mesh hybrid' version in your box, as well as the '100% Animesh' version come with copy permissions only, i.e. they cannot be resized.

However, both versions have a texture change function (right click & touch to change).

The regular mesh versions (as well as the planting) will (as usual) come with copy and modify permissions, so you can resize.

We take care with all our products to ensure they are simple to use and good to look at.
In case of problems, please use our contact form @ - or - send a notecard to True Redrose - Thank you.



  • animesh
  • 12 texture options
  • island

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So adorable & REALISTIC

掲載済み 2020/01/07 : Xandria Snowfall 5 星

Your creations always amaze me, with their intricate/realistic details and gentle movements. I totally adore this set, the birds look amazing on our beach .... the options are endless.
I really like the way the non-animesh birds are such low LI (land impact) at a mere 1, can have the little darlings scattered all over the beach! ...and, the textures are gorgeous - can even match the birds to my sim colouring LOL (Fashionista bird style).
The habitat is so unique, just totally gorgeous.

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