-TSH- Rin M3 + Kemono Pastel Zombies Pack

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☻☻ Appliers were recently updated for version 1.12.8 of the M3 Head. If you are using the updated 1.12.8 version and have bought my appliers in the past, you will need to use Utilizator's new Retro Loader to apply old textures onto the new head☻☻

Tintable Blush Applier with 3 options
2 Skin Tones
with and without stitches
with and without eyeshadow
8 Head Appliers total
4 Body Appliers Total

☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASE☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻
This item is an applier with a texture mod for Utilzator's M3 Mesh Anime Head & Kemono Avatar. You must have these in order for the appliers to work!
You can find it here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-M3-Mesh-Anime-Head/4697296

This item DOES NOT include eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes or any accessories.
Instructions for application are included in a notecard



  • 2 Skin Tones
  • 8 Head Appliers
  • 4 Skin Appliers
  • Tintable Blush Applier

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Worth it~!

掲載済み 2017/07/14 : BiancaLoukinhaBR 3 星

I think the Skin looks adorable, even has my name on it! :P
Just found it strange for the teeth texture to not quite match with the skin colors or such *or is it not loading for me? :c* may be simple, but i pay attention to every detail! but, its still worth buying!

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I love it!

掲載済み 2015/08/29 : Ecco Enchantment 5 星

I got this skin soon as I fell in love with the ad pics. I wanted to get the brows and the eyes, so I IM'd the creator and she got back to me. I had to track down the brows @


(your welcome! ^.^) and the eyes are custom made by someone. (wa wa wa D:) I had no problem finding some other eyes. You can change the blush color and there is a purple/pink version of the skin for the body, a stitches or no stitches version for the head with a choice of eyeshadow or not, or nothing at all. Definitely worth the price in my opinion if you want this kind of look

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販売元: Jade Composer

この商品を開封して使用するには、Second Life 内の場所(サンドボックスなど)を見つける必要があります。


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  • 4.33 星 レビュー (3)

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