Generic Router for Omega Heads v2.1

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This HUD serves several functions

-This is the Generic Router used for Type A & Type M Heads to route Omega Face appliers to the proper section of your head. It's not a replacement for an Omega kit, but used with your kit for finer control of your makeup applications.

-Included on the router are Test and Clear Buttons. Mesh Heads vary GREATLY with how much of the head is covered by it's makeup layers and before you buy Makeup and Tatts, you need to know what coverage you have. Simply use the test buttons to find out where your makeup layers stop and end. When you're done, use the clear applier to remove the test applier again.

-Delete Script Tool : Delete the Omega Scripts in select meshes. (No, there is not a list, you can try it and see if it works. This thing is free after all)

-Debug Tool: Reset the Omega Scripts in MOST newer Omega kits.

-Install: The Routing HUD remembers any Plug-Ins Installers you use while wearing it. If you select Install from the menu, it'll re-install these kits.
-List: This will print out a list of the Plug-ins the router can activate for you.

You may have received one with your Omega System Kit or Mesh Head, but this is the full up-to-date version. (In the future I'll be omitting the router from the kits for easier updating).

Update v2.1: It's been updated with new Re-Apply Buttons for easier fine tuning, as well as additional sections to handle a growing number of heads with additional layers/zones.

Update v1.5: It's been updated with the ability to shrink down as well as Makeup Test buttons, that will allow you to test where your makeup layers start and end on your individual mesh face. (This replaces the test appliers that used to come in this kit. now it's all part of the hud)

Update v1.6: The Routing HUD now also remembers Plug-In Activators! Reinstall Omega to ALL your mesh bits at once! :)



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cool product!

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thank you=) it will clean=)

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Omega Solutions
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