Discord Designs - EFB01 - Flexible braids (Natural White Marketplace Exclusive)

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The -dDx- EFB01 (Experimental Flexible Braids #01) are a set of flexi prim tresses on top of our ubiquitous Turtle hairbase.

This product was initially constructed to see "how it would work."

In the end the decision was made not to create a line of flexible braids (for now) and stick with our trademarked sculpted ones. It is, however, very wearable and considerably more dynamic than a sculpted style.

So here we offer it in Natural White for just a Linden dollar. Come and look in the main store for the Auburn version.

UPDATE: The EFB01 dollarbies have been so popular that around Christmas 2010 I made the other 34 colors avaialble as a limited edition group gift for two weeks... but people are still asking me for them.

Now I'm offering it for sale - 34 colors for 178L, totalling 36 colors for 180L - the price of one of my regular hair packs. Sound good? Look for the "rest pack" in the related items list below.

NOTE: As this style makes use of the Tattoo layer, Viewer 2 or a compatible viewer is required to attach this item, although anyone can see it.



  • Flexible braids
  • Tattoo layer hairbase
  • Realistic braid textures

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great item

掲載済み 2018/05/31 : NinKuji 5 星

great great item. only 7000 complexity for a flexi hair, really really great;
Thank you for the job and the price

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Great Hair for a Great Price

掲載済み 2016/07/13 : GoddessTrixie 5 星

This is a fantastic hair. Can't beat the price. Definitely a good find.

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Discord Designs
Discord Designs
販売元: Kallisti Burns

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  • 4.52 星 54 レビュー

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