Artificial Incarnation
Artificial Incarnation
販売元: Asami Imako
登録日: 2007/10/12

Artificial Incarnation is dedicated to providing optimized content for real-time environments. Our products are all low-impact, with optimized textures. Our mesh is properly made, of reasonable polygon count with hand-tuned weight painting and good edge-flow. You will NEVER find something here made in Marvlelous Designer and un-optimized, and you will NEVER find re-textured creator-kit items here. We make all our own, original content.


-Most items come with Modify and Copy permissions (with the exception of no-modify scripts).

-All items are tested and were found to be in working order on release. If you find a bug let us know and we will get it fixed as quickly as we can.

-We ALWAYS encourage criticism. Please review your purchase, regardless of your level of satisfaction.

-We stand behind everything we make 100%.

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