OnP Owl and Pussycat
OnP Owl and Pussycat
Sold by: Hunter Bronet
Joined: April 23, 2008

Animations, Mesh and SL Ladies Clothes, Men's Clothes, Costumes and more.

Our clothes lines now include not only SL clothes on our top floor, but now Mesh. We also have fitted Maitreya Mesh outfits, clothes, dresses, skirt outfits, costumes, lingerie and more for low prices on our first floor. Maitreya costumes include bunny, western, ballerina, super hero woman, and more. We also have classic mesh in sizes for dresses, shorts, lingerie and more also on our first floor. Both of those mesh items include our special HUDs that can often allow some texture variety, color change and often a choice of transparency. And in many cases, different areas of the item can be textured, colored, or set to a different level of transparency.

If you are interested in Maitreya Mesh or Classic Mesh, give us a try! Why pay more? We try at times to keep prices low. For a number of mesh clothes items we include the possibility for demos that you can try, and we even have 4 changing rooms that can be used for your convenience.

We also include "layers" for Maitreya mostly and also some for Belleza avatars. These also include choices for dresses, lingerie, or private body appearance items.

Animations range from the very complex hot air balloon rides and tours and gondola tours that you can program for your sim, to Intan and other dances including line dances. Line dances include Western, Texas Two Step, Salsa, Hokey Pokey, Electric Slide and more. More animations for bar making and drinks, for animated fish, swans, ducks and octopus and more, and for cuddling and love, Still more animations for singers and backup singers.


Please contact me on any issues. A notecard plus an IM will work best, to ensure I I get the info. Like some better merchants, I wish all happy customers. I would rather work with you than to have you being upset. I also admit that I want happy customers to get happy ratings. So, if there is an issue, delivery, satisfaction, or other, please let me know. I will try and resolve it, if I can. :)

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