Bastet H
Bastet H
販売元: Bastet Hazelnut
登録日: 2009/07/07

Handmade quality designs, such as clothes, skins, shapes, eyes, accessories, decorations and prefabs with a Finnish twist. Also custom and customised builds, designs and marketing.

Formerly bastnut.


In general Bastet H items are copyable and usually modifiable, unless stated otherwise. Clothes and shapes are generally copyable and modifiable. Textures have special permissions, see texture details for TOU.

There are no refunds at any reason. Please make sure the item you are buying is in fact what you want.

Freebie items are copy only.

Custom or customised builds, designs and market

ブログ インワールドストア


Basteth marketplace banner
リスト ギャラリー サムネイル