2-4 prim full perm "Spiral Stairs 360° Walkable" sculpt map, any texture Version 2.0

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- precision shape of sculpts;
- mirrored compatible sculpt map
- seamless.

This is NOT FINAL product, is a sculpt map.

Package includes:
- 1 full perm* (copy/no modify/transfer) sculpt map of stairs (sculpt it is only part of stairs);
- 4 (copy/no modify/no transfer) stairs creating scripts;
- read me.
*full perm because 'no modify' on sculpt map, no how influence yours or next owner permission.


This stairs will be build from 2 or 4 prims. No mesh, just one sculpt and regular prims. There are no magic, Just that prim that people call invisible support prim here is Visible as part of stairs and serves the same support function. That is why minimum is 2 prims, 1 is sculpt phantom part, 2 is visible support prim that serves as walking prim, sides and rails. 4 prim version using the same 1 sculpt , 1 support visible prim, and 2 prims for rails.
Such formula allows to keep stairs look smooth, not loose details like mesh at distance, not cost much prims as mesh or regular prims, and not wasting useful resources like invisible prims. Default size after script done it work is 6.6 x 6.6 x 12 meters, keep in mind that when try to use on narrow corners.

It does not need any special texture. it compatible with ANY texture you have or may have in inventory. So you have numerous choices of customisation.

This is an updated version, absolutely new sculpt map with the same idea, but more sharp shape for stairs, so better lighting shadows. more railings density, and made compatible by height to other my stairs and better positioning relative to other prims. So this one 360 degrees by height suits default second floor in SL stores and houses relative to avatar heights, came to this height by years of experience. If yours second floor higher or lower then this stairs ends I would advice just to move floor rather then adjust stairs, not because it difficult, not, just cause this height is more then enough, and may be used as standard for other yours building. but of course it is just my recommendation.

Why reason to use sculpt? Unlike mesh sculpt maybe mirrored, It means with this stairs we using one sculpt map for two rotations left and right, while mesh would need to use 2 different uploaded meshes for each rotation. Why sculpt. It stays the same prim cost from land (LI land impact) even being size of 64 x 64 x 64, while mesh version I even cannot predict for spiral stairs it cost. Although no big reason to resize this stairs at all, Why? I made them seamless. it means you may place one above another stairs block and with some height adjustment you hardly notice it is 2 blocks or more blocks at all.. Allows to walk without problem from one in to another.

Do keep sculpt and regular prims parts Unlinked, otherwise you ll not able to walk by. If you think it is not convenient to keep two different parts in inventory, there are standard LL way named coalesced object. Just select AND sculpt AND regular prims parts and take it to inventory. This way it keeps as one object in inventory and when you rez it again they will rez correct positioned one related to another prim.

Use Instructions:
1. Create 2 or 4 prims (depends which script you using). Link them.
2. Drag and drop script from inventory on to newly created object,
3. Answer 'yes' on popup window that asks you for permission to link unlink prims. Done.

Note: This will automatically create a ready-to-use object; fully textured, the right size, and with your name as Creator. The script will auto-delete from the prim upon completion, so you can not care about it. While the script runs, you may see some distortion of the sculpted object. This is normal as a result of forcing a sculpt map to load in some regions.

- All textures property of their creators, and cannot be placed in package. But creator script makes textured object to show you how it must looks like.
- Script will not work unless you use 2 or 4 prims and scripts with same name. This made to prevent people who not like reading, not get wrong result;
- If after script made it work. you not able to walk by stairs (fall through it or push in invisible wall) that means you did something wrong. Not answered YES on script asking, linked prims together while I said DO NOT do it. used Convex Hull physics model instead of PRIM;

FAQ for new builders about what is sculpt map:

You personal license allows:
- use content of this package as part of own creations;
- keep in 1(one) of yours alts as storage.

You not allowed;
- To transfer as any sort of data content of this package to any other person;
- To transfer as full perm even as part of own creations. Item must be set or no copy, or no modify, or no transfer;
- To transfer through grids, use any third party inventory services, software and use outside Secondlife.

See item in Second Life ®



  • - precision shape of sculpts
  • - mirrored compatible sculpt map
  • -seamless.. Means stairs block absolutely nice placing above or bottom

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and they say it's not magic

Posted February 14, 2021 by Jessica210684 5 stars

They said it's not magic - they lied - it is magic - search the NC for the instructions (3 steps), follow them, and hocus-pocus and there are the stairs your dreaming of - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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Very Nice

Posted June 08, 2020 by HailyWine 5 stars

these are perfect for my Victorian builds!

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